Love is a Verb

Love is a Verb,

Happy Valentine’s! Everyday should be Valentine’s not just ONE day. We should always appreciate our loved ones, if it is our boyfriends/ girlfriends, hubbys/ wifeys, friends, family or even strangers. Of course, it sounds weird to say strangers in this context but we urge you to get out of the notions and stereotypes of this holiday and actually appreciate the ones we are with. Whether at work or at a coffeeshop, be kind, be open and let people into your lives. You might just be surprised with what you encounter. This is why it does not matter whether you have a ‘Valentine’ because your Valentine can be anyone in your life or someone you just met. Think about it. It’s actually pretty simple. Why make ourselves unhappy and miserable? If we step out of our comfort zones, we will be amazed of what it may lead us to. Love is all around and we need to start spreading love. The world needs love more than ever now, we have so many things going on 24/7- we need to start owning love and showing people that love is all we need. We need to take action and make things happen for ourselves, we cannot just expect things to fall into place. Without action and dedication, long lasting love and happiness is a far fetched dream. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, to let down your guard and experience new emotions.


We cannot forget that it is also Chinese New Year- Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Whether or not you are celebrating, we should rejoice in the celebrations. The year of the Sheep, a festival for families to come together and celebrate a new year. If you do not know much about the Lunar New Year festivities, I strongly recommend looking within your city or township and joining in the festivities or visiting friends who are celebrating. It is an amazing experience to be part of the dragon dances, the drums, the lights and the colours of this festival.


Some Relationship Rules that we try to live by:

#1 Love honestly and openly

#2 Never go to bed mad

#3 Give everything you got- 100%

#4 Drop the barrier and let your loved ones in

#5 Be understanding- Forgive!



Diana & Harveen

Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas.. For him & For her

Some ideas for all your last minute shopper, its easy and its not too extravagant.

For her:

Dainty jewelry- silver or gold (whichever she wears more often)

This is an easy one for you guys, buy a plain chain if you are unsure and if you are more confident buy something you know she will adore.

dainty jewelryCandles, Perfumes or Bath Sets

body candles etc

Flowers, a Card and Chocolates

Make sure to get her favorite flowers and chocolate 🙂



Lipstick or Lipgloss- Choose a color you think will look good on her!

Glamour 9

For Him & for Her

Suprise him/ her with tickets to a sports game/ comedy show/ musical/ concert. Anything you know your loved one will love and you both get to enjoy being in each others’ company, on a great date. tickets

Cook for your loved ones. Set up a romantic evening and show them your skills 🙂








A spa treatment



For Him

Some bling for him: like a watch, perhaps…


Shaving Kits – will always come in handy and great for travelling!

Shaving Kit


iTUNES gift card for those who can buy any apps or albums they need- they’ll love you for the choice they get!


Happy Shopping!



The power of a quiet mind

Hi guys!


It seems impossible nowadays, the way most of us are living our lives to have adequate rest & down time. It’s been said that for every hour of work we do, we should give our mind/body 15 minutes of free time. I know many of us can go hours and hours ticking off the to-do lists from work and home but you’re risking burning yourself out.


What does it mean by burning out?

Your mind is hazy, you’re unable to focus, it’s hard to find motivation or any will to even go into the shower. All you want to do is zone out (if not sleep) for an entire week or even month. Don’t be surprised. A lot of people get into depression mode thinking they are depressed and unhappy when all they really needed was to take care of their body.


Stop thinking so much. Quit worrying. Rest! Sleep for Pete’s sake!




How do you quiet your mind?

Now I’m not going to teach you to quiet your mind like a professional guru but I do know a couple of techniques that has helped me.


* Deep breathing:

When it’s been a long day or when there’s just too much on my plate, I lay flat in bed (or anywhere you can sit/lie down) and take very deep and slow breaths. I do this for a good 15 minutes and boy do I recharge. My mind is clearer, my body energized and my focus back to top notch.


* Revise your to do list

Yes, check it again. You need to ask yourself if all 50 things you need to do needs to be done TODAY or it can be slotted into another day or week. Learn to differentiate urgent from important.


* Exercise

I can’t stress enough how good I feel after i’ve exercised. For me I’m not the gym type. I need exercise to be fun, not a chore but something I look forward to doing. I enjoy Yoga because it’s a chance for me to practice quieting my very noisy mind. I swim because the soft flow of water and body is therapeutic for me (and my son and I are water babies). I also love dancing because it’s been my passion, jungle trekking and rock climbing.




Find physical activities you REALLY enjoy and you won’t feel so unmotivated to do it.


* Organize your life

A frantic mind is sometimes a sign that you need to focus on organizing your time, and balance it out. Are you too focused on your job and have no time for yourself or your friends/hobby/passion? I recently found a weekly schedule that is super “balancing”. It has spaces for family/friends/work/hobby/goals and most importantly myself. It may seem like a lot, but if you know just how important living a balanced and well planned life is, the little effort is very much worth it.


Of course, always remember that as humans, there will always be off days. Don’t get discouraged. Pick up where you left it and take it easy.


* Pray and hope for the best

God is always listening, and watching. When troubles and pressure pile up, remember that there is the hidden strength in you given by God. How many times have you gone through times when you never thought you’d come out alive? Always be grateful and share your gratitude with God and your loved ones.


As we grow older, we tend to forget to have fun and be silly. Don’t let the stresses of live rob the lightness of your life. Instead embrace everything you are, be bold and when your mind speaks too much, acknowledge it and continue to slow your thoughts down. Come on, you can do it!






Luxuria mentioned in Aquila Style magazine

Lovely Lips

Stricly animal cruelty-free and natural, Luxuria Cosmetics is the latest to hop onto the ethical beauty bandwagon. Noteworthy is their range of ‘very’ long-lasting Crème Lipsticks available in girly, sexy shades. Priced at $16.95.

Aquila Style April 2013 Feature

Thank you Diana Zulkepli for mentioning Luxuria in your piece for Aquila Style magazine’s April 2013 Earth issue.

Diana’s first tutorial in our newsletter


Luxuria Cosmetics Newsletter Header March



Newsletter feature

We are seeing a lively trend in spring 2013 fashion. Soft natural greens are mixed up with bright blues. Yellows

jump out at you and pinks, both passionate and playful, make attractive statements.
Of course at Luxuria we find colors to accommodate the fashion trends. Our eye shadows, lipsticks and lip glosses can help you feel proud, young and beautiful. To reward all our customers and introduce more newcomers to our brand we will continue our special of FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE when you buy two items or more.

In this newsletter you can check out Diana Danielle’s first makeup tutorial, Get Priyanka Chopra’s Vogue look, find out the 10 commandments of foundation and show your support for animals. Get it all with Luxuria Cosmetics.


DD Romantic Makeup Look YT Thumb


Diana Danielle, from moviescreen to Youtube

Diana Danielle Romantic Look Newsletter M

Diana used some of Luxuria’s best products to create the above look. Snoop around our website to find the foundation, eye shadows, lipsticks and more…
Face: Mineral Loose Foundation Powder (Cool Beige), Anti-Aging foundation (Ivory Beige), Concealer (Neutral Fair), Mineral Bronzer (Terra Glow) – Brows: Mineral Eye liner (Dark Brown) – Eyes: Mineral Eye Liner (Black), Mineral Eye Shadow (Tundra, Beach, Wilderness, Gold Mine), Ultimate Volume Mascara (Black) – Lips: Lipstick (Classic Red), Lip Gloss (Incognito).

Check out Diana’s makeup tutorial today!


Luxuria Cosmetics PETA approval

The Gentle Barn Thumper Sheep M

Animal testing ban in EU

Animal testing for cosmetics is set to finally end in Europe. We countdown to the ban on 11 March 2013. We took the pledge and said no to cruel cosmetics. The EU is a start, now we change the world.

Support cruelty-free international


We are here to help

Need help picking your shade? Don’t worry, we are here to help. We are most familiar with our products so we ask you to provide us with a current photo of your face in natural light without makeup on, so we can help you find your right shade for the product you desire. Please tell us what product you are interested in when sending us your photo. Submit a photo now.


Priyanka Chopra Vogue India Cover

Get Priyanka Chopra’s look from Vogue India March 2013

The movie maven and freshly-minted pop star tells us about the tunes that took her from first crush to true romance— and all the rebellion in between. The inveterate star steps forward to fix the camera with her gaze. We’re in Mumbai’s Film City studios to catch Chopra just as she returns from a day trip to Los Angeles. I stand by, con- templating how delicately wrought this level of giddy success has been for the 31-year-old actor. Because Chopra isn’t one who plays by the rules.

Priyanka Chopra Vogue India Look


March insider makeup tip

See commandment 3 till 10 and many more tips HERE.


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Handbag Essentials…

Hi beauties!!! Every girl has a handbag. These are our everyday handbag essentials.

Handbag Essentials Feb

Our Rubi Shoes handbag hold:

1. Vogue is always an essential

2. The book we are reading at the moment is The 4-Hour Workweek

3. It’s winter for us, so we have gloves and our beanie ready

4. Our cellphone

5. Our iPod + earphones

6. Our Sunglasses

7. Our Calvin Klein wallet

8. Diva earring studs

9. Compact mirror

10. Our feminine items (for that time of the month)

The cosmetics always in our handbag:

1. Luxuria Cosmetics Creme Lipstick (Red Alert)

2. Luxuria Cosmetics Creme Blush (Feisty)

3. Luxuria Cosmetics Lumishine Lip Gloss (Belladonna & Pinky Swear)

4. Luxuria Cosmetics Ultimate Volume Mascara (Black)

5. Hema Hand- & Nailcreme

Love for everyone

Hi beauties! This video is to remind us that Valentine’s day is not just for that special someone but for all those around you! The people, the animals and even nature. If you give out love on a daily basis you will be surprised at what you’ll receive!

Lipstick colors:
Pink is Romance by Luxuria Cosmetics
Red that was used is Red Alert by Luxuria Cosmetics

Credits: Harveen and Peter of Luxuria Cosmetics, visit us at

Music by: Plain White T’s – Rhythm of Love
On iTunes

If you want to see more, please subscribe for weekly videos. Also please let me know what types of videos you would like to watch 🙂

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First Luxuria Cosmetics Newsletter

Amazing Cruelty-free Luxuria Cosmetics Launched


Luxuria Cosmetics Newsletter Header 2013



February 2013 marked the launch of Luxuria Cosmetics. It has been a busy first week and are overwelmed by the positive responses we have received. Thank you for supporting us and helping yourself get that Ethical Luxury.
Our special of FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE will continue for a limited time only when you buy two items or more.

Get that instant fix for blemishes, acne or redness. Be the most beautiful girl at the party. Feel confident at work. Get it all with Luxuria Cosmetics.


Luxuria is PETA approvedPETA Approval Choose cruelty-free

Luxuria is proud to have received approval by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for all of our products.
This enforces our mission to abolish all animal testing, but testing for cosmetics in particular.

If you have any thoughts on animal testing, welfare or the environment, please let us know.

Check out our PETA listing.



We have just added a review page to our website, this will allow all you amazing people, to be able to write a few short words about what you think about us or our products, do let us know! We would love to hear your thoughts! Speak your mind.


Best looks at the Grammy’s

Grammy selection

Check out our blog post to see the looks and let us know which ones you would love to try out.


We are here to help

Need help picking your shade? Don’t worry, we are here to help. We are most familiar with our products so we ask you to provide us with a current photo of your face in natural light without makeup on, so we can help you find your right shade for the product you desire. Please tell us what product you are interested in when sending us your photo. Submit a photo now.


Ready for Valentine

Luxuria Valentine Choices

With our Mineral Eye Shadows (Gold Mine), Mineral Shimmer Powder (Fairy Dust) and a red shade from our Crème Lipstick range, you can create a beautiful look for that valentine date. Make an even bigger impact by adding a nice Lip Gloss.

Remember, if you buy any two items you get FREE SHIPPING. WORLDWIDE!


Stay connectedb092ee9c6e0211e2999e22000a1f8afc_7

Stay connected with us everyday- we are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest.

Send us photos of yourselves with your Luxuria on because we would love to see how stunning you look!

Tag us on Instagram (@luxuriacosmetics) or post it to us on Facebook or Twitter.


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Romantic makeup Looks for Valentine’s!

There’s a few great ways to look for that special V-day for your loved one. It’s all up to you, sometimes less is more and at other times, the classic old Hollywood look is the right look. Here are some great tips with a few different looks for all of you beauties out there!!

Red Lip

Try a Red Lip for the classic romantic/ old Hollywood look: Try our Creme Lipstick in the Geranium color.

Classic Red Lip


Try a softer bronzed look with beautiful pink lips: Diana Danielle is wearing wilderness, bronzed, gold mine and mineral eye liner on her eyes with some nude pink lips. She gorgeously blended these colors for a very subtle bronzed natural look.

Pretty in Pink

Try a more natural day look, try some blush, bronzer and pink lips: Diana Danielle is wearing Feisty Creme Blush, Terra Glow Bronzer, Mineral loose Foundation Powder in Cool Beige, she is wearing Nude Pink Creme Lipstick.

Visit Luxuria Cosmetics to view our products!