Coral Shades of Life

Today’s makeup look inspired by the fall season. The leaves are turning different shades of orange and red just as my lips are.


Luxuria Cosmetics Makeup 

On my Face:

Mineral Shell Beige Foundation Powder 

Anti Aging Foundation in Meadow

Concealer in Neutral Amber 

Creme Blusher in Flaunt 



On my Eyes:

Ultimate Volume Mascara in Black 

Eyebrows by Mineral Eyeshadow in Earthquake


On my lips:

My favourite thing ever, Geranium Creme Lipstick


Make sure to check in again as we have lots more exciting things coming up soon! Super easy look, when you do recreate in please tag us #luxuriacosmetics so we know to spot you!



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Top 15 Instagram Accounts for Fashion Inspiration….

Hey Lovelies,

I am sure everyone reading this post right now is interested in fashion and beauty. Well even if we do not quite consider ourselves as fashionistas we still keep an eye out and we all have style. Our uniqueness and our taste is what separates us from the crowd. I have put together a list of the top 15 fashion lifestyle Instagram accounts that keep me inspired on a daily basis. I don’t know about you, but checking my Instagram first thing in the morning before getting out of the bed, is a must for me. I look forward to seeing what I have missed and checking all my favorite fashion accounts. I hope this gives you guys inspiration too.































Well there are many more inspiring fashionistas out there, can you guys suggest some to me? I would love to see what inspires you..



Luxuria on Mykonos


Mykonos is an island on Greece that in the spring, winter and autumn months turns into this beautiful haven. I have always been an island girl and I still believe deep down that I belong on one. This is one of my favorite places ever. We visited in the springtime and the weather was just amazing. The white stone houses scattered through this little island with its windmills, white sand beaches and beautiful warm people. I would definitely recommend this trip! Here are the compilation of some of my outfits, looks and island adventures. Check out the blog for some weekly posts:

Tell me your stories of Grecian islands, I’d love to hear them x

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Mediterranean Sunshine…

The Mediterranean is as beautiful as it’s made out to be. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to visit Greece a couple of weeks ago and now I would love to show you some pictures of the beaches and my beach look, of course.


These pictures really did not need editing for it to look like an actual dream or that I jumped right into a postcard. Be sure to put Greece on your top places you want to visit. You won’t regret it! It was not quite the warmest time of year but it was a nice warm 20 degrees and under the sun, it felt much warmer than that.


The pink of my dress really pops when I’m against the beautiful blue seas. I did not know how much I just loved this dress until this trip. I’m wearing a maxi dress from, my necklace from Mint Berry and it is super dainty and perfect for this weather and sunnies from H&M. As you can probably tell already, I really only wear gold.



My lipstick is Red Alert by Luxuria Cosmetics which you can see goes perfectly with the pink outfit too! Versatility is our speciality.

Can’t wait to share the rest with you guys! If you want a travel post on Greece, make sure to let me know!




Love is a Verb

Love is a Verb,

Happy Valentine’s! Everyday should be Valentine’s not just ONE day. We should always appreciate our loved ones, if it is our boyfriends/ girlfriends, hubbys/ wifeys, friends, family or even strangers. Of course, it sounds weird to say strangers in this context but we urge you to get out of the notions and stereotypes of this holiday and actually appreciate the ones we are with. Whether at work or at a coffeeshop, be kind, be open and let people into your lives. You might just be surprised with what you encounter. This is why it does not matter whether you have a ‘Valentine’ because your Valentine can be anyone in your life or someone you just met. Think about it. It’s actually pretty simple. Why make ourselves unhappy and miserable? If we step out of our comfort zones, we will be amazed of what it may lead us to. Love is all around and we need to start spreading love. The world needs love more than ever now, we have so many things going on 24/7- we need to start owning love and showing people that love is all we need. We need to take action and make things happen for ourselves, we cannot just expect things to fall into place. Without action and dedication, long lasting love and happiness is a far fetched dream. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, to let down your guard and experience new emotions.


We cannot forget that it is also Chinese New Year- Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Whether or not you are celebrating, we should rejoice in the celebrations. The year of the Sheep, a festival for families to come together and celebrate a new year. If you do not know much about the Lunar New Year festivities, I strongly recommend looking within your city or township and joining in the festivities or visiting friends who are celebrating. It is an amazing experience to be part of the dragon dances, the drums, the lights and the colours of this festival.


Some Relationship Rules that we try to live by:

#1 Love honestly and openly

#2 Never go to bed mad

#3 Give everything you got- 100%

#4 Drop the barrier and let your loved ones in

#5 Be understanding- Forgive!



Diana & Harveen

Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas.. For him & For her

Some ideas for all your last minute shopper, its easy and its not too extravagant.

For her:

Dainty jewelry- silver or gold (whichever she wears more often)

This is an easy one for you guys, buy a plain chain if you are unsure and if you are more confident buy something you know she will adore.

dainty jewelryCandles, Perfumes or Bath Sets

body candles etc

Flowers, a Card and Chocolates

Make sure to get her favorite flowers and chocolate 🙂



Lipstick or Lipgloss- Choose a color you think will look good on her!

Glamour 9

For Him & for Her

Suprise him/ her with tickets to a sports game/ comedy show/ musical/ concert. Anything you know your loved one will love and you both get to enjoy being in each others’ company, on a great date. tickets

Cook for your loved ones. Set up a romantic evening and show them your skills 🙂








A spa treatment



For Him

Some bling for him: like a watch, perhaps…


Shaving Kits – will always come in handy and great for travelling!

Shaving Kit


iTUNES gift card for those who can buy any apps or albums they need- they’ll love you for the choice they get!


Happy Shopping!



Shanghai Surprise

Celebrate new Year’s eve with cherry blossom, oriental motifs and lanterns that light up the sky.

Photography – Simon Bevan – Styling – Amanda Koster

Shanghai Surprise - Luxuria

Guest Book

Take snaps of the gang as the music starts up – then compare notes in the morning.

Shanghai Surprise - Luxuria

Singapore Slings

A vintage cabinet makes a sturdy bar. Brightly coloured glass adds to the fun factor.

Shanghai Surprise - Luxuria

Fan Fair

Dress every space with accent shades inspired by the east.

Shanghai Surprise - Luxuria

Floor Filler

When the clock strikes midnight, shower the revellers with oversized paper decs.

Shanghai Surprise - Luxuria


Shanghai Surprise - Luxuria

Sweet Dreams

Sit back and make a resolution in the chill-out zone. 2015 is up for grabs…

Shanghai Surprise - Luxuria

Shanghai Surprise - Luxuria

Girls aloud - Luxuria

Source: Livingetc January 2015

Hot Christmas News


Hot Christmas News - LuxuriaInstead of vibrant reds and greens, go for a clean, minimalist look this Christmas with Nordic ornaments from Georg Jensen. These laser- cut, mirror-finish stainless steel disc decorations are embellished with seasonal motifs and poetic landscapes to add a classy and understated impact to your home. For whimsical charm, go for new design selections that include a seal, drum and teapot.


Hot Christmas News - LuxuriaInspired by the snow-covered mountains of Sweden, these sustainable alder-wood Christmas ornaments by Dirt By Earth is suffused with a tree scent. This will elicit images of a wintery wonderland from the moment a pack is opened. They come in an array of festive icons such as the gingerbread man, Christmas angel or snowflake.

Hot Christmas News - Luxuria

Hot Christmas News - Luxuria





Hot Christmas News - LuxuriaOnline store gives you more reasons to celebrate gloriously this year. Launched by designer Kelly Hoppen who is known for her luxurious designs, now features a festive collection for this yuletide season. Bring the holiday cheer into your home with a wide selection of candleholders, fragrances, wine glasses, cushions, and elegant table centrepieces.


Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 4.57.21 PMHot Christmas News - Luxuria
Source: SquareRooms – December 2014

12 ways for a green and space-friendly Christmas

December is a good month to… celebrate!

12 ways for a green and space-friendly Christmas

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 5.00.39 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 5.00.44 PM

Source: SquareRooms – December 2014