Volcanic Love…

Hi beauties,

Volcanic Love was the theme of our last Luxuria Cosmetics photoshoot which represents deep gorgeous colours with the presence of fuzzy feelings…

Our beautiful co-founder/ actress/ singer/ mommy, Diana Danielle and our beautiful model/ spokesperson Iman Osman are in this photoshoot. This is behind the scenes footage of these two in the recreation of this beautiful photoshoot which is online on our website, http://www.LuxuriaCosmetics.com.

Photographer: Wawan from Shutter Place Studio
Videographer: Addicted to Motion Production House


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Blue Paradise…

Hi beauties!

Sorry we have been gone for so long but we have been a little busy sorting stuff out and had some technical glitches on the way as well. Now we are back and ready for you again!

Last week I had the chance to travel to Greece, I was not sure as to what to expect exactly but I was nonetheless excited. When I got there I could not believe my eyes, everything in Mykonos looks like a picture perfect postcard. In Athens however, there were good parts and bad but the city was as warm and welcoming as the island.


This post will feature my outfit from one of the most beautiful days (weather wise) in Mykonos. Mykonos turns into a party island in the summer months but in spring and in autumn its tranquility and beauty really radiates. So if you are just going to chill, don’t go in the summer.


My Nikes have seen better days- I wore them out on this trip, so much walking and I go for comfort always whenever I am travelling. Although I am pleasantly surprised with the sneaker + dress combo.


I absolutely love pairing bold colours against each other- it just brightens up my entire day. I chose to pair Cranberry Creme Lipstick against my cobalt blue maxi. Even in warm weather by the sea, the lipstick lasts for hours, I only reapplied it once at night after dinner. I wore it from the morning, we walked the towns, went to the beaches, had lunch, walked some more, sat by the seaside and then had dinner and only after then did my lipstick finally need some touching up. It is great for moisturizing your lips too so you can skip your lipbalm and just carry a kickass colour with you while you’re travelling like I did.


My dress is from BooHoo.com, my shoes from Nike, Bag from a boutique shop, glasses from H&M, jewellery from everywhere!


This is Peter the Pelican’s friend I am standing next to in Mykonos. Story has it that a fisherman found a pelican hurt, nursed it to health and when it recovered it didn’t leave the island, instead it just hung out there till it died, Peter was his name. Ever since, now there are 2 more pelicans chilling in the island, here I am awkwardly trying to pose next to it while it was cleaning its feathers.

If you are were not sure about Greece, I hope you are now! People on this island are lovely, very warm and kind. You will feel right at home.



Fresh Start


Diana Danielle, co-founder of Luxuria Cosmetics, mother, daughter, wife and friend juggles many roles in her daily life. On top of that, on screen she juggles many other roles as an actress. She is an inspiration to woman everywhere. One of her secrets is simply simplicity. In order to balance her life at home and at work- she prefers simplicity and this is evident in her make up looks.



Face: Ivory Beige Anti Aging Foundation, Mineral Cool Beige Foundation Powder and Mineral Matte Finishing powder

Cheeks: Lavish Creme Blush and Mineral Bronzer in Terra Glow

Lips: Classic Red Creme Lipstick with Incognito Lumi Shine Lipgloss

Eyes: Tundra (base), Flower & Volcano Mineral Eye Shadow and Ultimate Volume Mascara in Black 

Makeup: Luxuria Cosmetics

Makeup Artist: Jijie Zainal

Photography: Wawan- ShutterPlace Studios


Would you wear this simple yet stunning look to work or for a day out?



15 IG accounts to follow for Inspiration…

Hey lovelies,

I don’t know about all of you but I absolutely love Instagram and use it a lot for inspiration of all kinds- from home decor to make up styles. From my recent Instagram binge- I have found many amazing accounts . For all you out that love interior design or looking at changing the look of your house, you must follow the accounts below for ideas!































These accounts have been very inspiring for me. I hope they will help inspire you too!




Love is a Verb

Love is a Verb,

Happy Valentine’s! Everyday should be Valentine’s not just ONE day. We should always appreciate our loved ones, if it is our boyfriends/ girlfriends, hubbys/ wifeys, friends, family or even strangers. Of course, it sounds weird to say strangers in this context but we urge you to get out of the notions and stereotypes of this holiday and actually appreciate the ones we are with. Whether at work or at a coffeeshop, be kind, be open and let people into your lives. You might just be surprised with what you encounter. This is why it does not matter whether you have a ‘Valentine’ because your Valentine can be anyone in your life or someone you just met. Think about it. It’s actually pretty simple. Why make ourselves unhappy and miserable? If we step out of our comfort zones, we will be amazed of what it may lead us to. Love is all around and we need to start spreading love. The world needs love more than ever now, we have so many things going on 24/7- we need to start owning love and showing people that love is all we need. We need to take action and make things happen for ourselves, we cannot just expect things to fall into place. Without action and dedication, long lasting love and happiness is a far fetched dream. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, to let down your guard and experience new emotions.


We cannot forget that it is also Chinese New Year- Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Whether or not you are celebrating, we should rejoice in the celebrations. The year of the Sheep, a festival for families to come together and celebrate a new year. If you do not know much about the Lunar New Year festivities, I strongly recommend looking within your city or township and joining in the festivities or visiting friends who are celebrating. It is an amazing experience to be part of the dragon dances, the drums, the lights and the colours of this festival.


Some Relationship Rules that we try to live by:

#1 Love honestly and openly

#2 Never go to bed mad

#3 Give everything you got- 100%

#4 Drop the barrier and let your loved ones in

#5 Be understanding- Forgive!



Diana & Harveen

Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas.. For him & For her

Some ideas for all your last minute shopper, its easy and its not too extravagant.

For her:

Dainty jewelry- silver or gold (whichever she wears more often)

This is an easy one for you guys, buy a plain chain if you are unsure and if you are more confident buy something you know she will adore.

dainty jewelryCandles, Perfumes or Bath Sets

body candles etc

Flowers, a Card and Chocolates

Make sure to get her favorite flowers and chocolate 🙂



Lipstick or Lipgloss- Choose a color you think will look good on her!

Glamour 9

For Him & for Her

Suprise him/ her with tickets to a sports game/ comedy show/ musical/ concert. Anything you know your loved one will love and you both get to enjoy being in each others’ company, on a great date. tickets

Cook for your loved ones. Set up a romantic evening and show them your skills 🙂








A spa treatment



For Him

Some bling for him: like a watch, perhaps…


Shaving Kits – will always come in handy and great for travelling!

Shaving Kit


iTUNES gift card for those who can buy any apps or albums they need- they’ll love you for the choice they get!


Happy Shopping!



JAN Issue of InTrend Magazine

28th Nov 2014, Diana Danielle and Iman Mohamed, both Luxuria girls, did a high end profile photoshoot for Intrend Malaysia magazine. The photoshoot featured brands such as Missoni, Kate Spade, Burberry and Hermes. This spread has been released in the January Issue of Intrend Magazine.

Photo:Vincent Paul Young
Style Editor: Iqbal V Azwan Mukhtaram


Diana in Missoni jumpsuit with Jacket and hat from H&M

Iman in Kate Spade coat with a Coach top.




Hermes top, H&M skirt and black Martens boots.

IMG_0341Diana in a green dress from Prada with a Coach jacket and shoes from Burberry.

Iman in Michael Kors


Diana in a Prada dress with a Coach leather jacket and shoes from Burberry.

On the right: She’s in a orange suit from Bernand Chandran and shoes from Burberry.



Iman in Kate Spade


Hermes head scarf

We hope you have enjoyed these looks, please don’t forget to grab your copy of Intrend Malaysia magazine on the shelves today.




Home Ideas..











Maybe you guys do know, or maybe you don’t but I am used to being quite a nomad- moving around often. This is my first attempt at my first grown up home and I am pretty happy with the progress. What do you guys think? The idea I had was to create a cozy home that makes me and everyone that comes in feel welcome and right at home. I wanted to keep the colours quite neutral and only my wall of frames as the accessory. Feature walls are not so hard to do, everything on that wall is personal memories and travels in frames I got from consignment shops, pre-loved stores and boutiques- didn’t cost very much at all. As you can also see, I am a sucker for animals and I have a cat, Oreo. She has a scratching post and a little bed of her own, yet she used the couch most often. I do feel that is you have a pet, it’s important as they have things that are theirs as well.

What do you think? Take a picture of your living room and tag #luxuriahome so that me and Diana can have a look and get inspired by you!



5 Tips for using foundation

1. Never test foundation on your hand – it’s always a different color from your face. Instead apply it to your jawline. The right shade for you is the one that disappears into your skin

2. If you can’t decide between two foundation shades, choose the lighter one, as darker foundations create more obvious ‘tidemarks’. This advice changes for black skin, however. Matching foundation to the lightest areas of your face can make you look ashy. Match the darkest and you’ll look overly made-up. If you find it hard to find the right shade go for the one that matches your neck, this is normally halfway between the two.

3. You’re wearing too much foundation if you can’t see any of the pores on your skin. Your natural texture is supposed to show through a little.

4. If your makeup starts to shine, use blotting paper rather than reapplying powder, which can often start to look too heavy.

5. For a softer look on a night out, apply your foundation before you have your bath (run it warm rather than boiling hot). The steam sets the foundation and creates a really dewy look.

5 tips on using foundation
5 tips on using foundation