The truth about Metabolism…

Hey lovelies,

Today’s post is simple, it is basically just to tell you to not go on crazy fad diets. The reason you should not go on those in-trend diets is basically that it ruins your metabolism. Crash dieting or detoxing at any real extreme affects your metabolism greatly.

For example, in a study conducted at Rockefeller University by world-renowned obesity researcher Dr. Rudolph Leibel, the metabolisms of individuals who had lost weight via long-term chronic dieting and/or various “crash dieting” techniques were compared to those of individuals who have typically maintained a normal weight.

As expected, the metabolisms of those in the the “dieter” group were 25% lower than those who had not gained or lost significant weight in the past.¬† Even more, the dieter group had accrued so much damage to their metabolism over the years that their now battered metabolic rates were slower than those of normal-weight individuals two-thirds their size!

If you are looking at getting healthy or losing some weight- the right way to do it is to ease into reducing portions or starting the day with warm water and lemon for the right kind of detox. ¬†Juicing, fasting, cutting out carbs or proteins, drinking detox tea 10 times a day, all this doesn’t actually help you in the long run.

Do not get sucked into crazy diets- ease into it and choose healthier options and definitely EXERCISE!


What are your tips and tricks?