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Introducing to you again the beautiful Iman. Iman’s signature look is her favorite foundation that she cannot do without, her Anti Aging Foundation in Raw Umber by Luxuria Cosmetics. This product brings out her glow so perfectly as it radiates her skin without the oily effect even in warm temperatures. This is because of its Green Tea extract and lightweight formula that allows your skin to breathe!

unnamed (16)Her stunning features just shines right through these stunning pictures. We decided to enhance her look by creating a dramatic eye effect for the perfect bold statement. Yes this look is edgy but in all the best ways! To tone the look down for yourself just use the eyeshadow as a highlight in the corners of your eye and as the base.

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Face: Raw Umber Anti-Aging Foundation, Mineral Deep Dark Foundation Powder + Mineral Bronzer in Terra Glow & Mineral Finishing Powder

Eyes: Earthquake Mineral Eye Shadow (base) + Bronze & Gold Mine Mineral Eye Shadow (crease & effect), Ultimate Volume Mascara , Concealer in Neutral Dark, Mineral Black Eye Liner to line the eyes & Earthquake Mineral Eye Shadow (to fill in brows)

Lips: Classic Red Creme Lipstick

Makeup by Luxuria Cosmetics

Makeup Artist: Jijie Zainal

Photography: Wawan from Shutter Place Studios

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This luscious Classic Red lipstick is so perfect for all skin tones and looks so classy! It definitely is a beauty staple!





15 IG accounts to follow for Inspiration…

Hey lovelies,

I don’t know about all of you but I absolutely love Instagram and use it a lot for inspiration of all kinds- from home decor to make up styles. From my recent Instagram binge- I have found many amazing accounts . For all you out that love interior design or looking at changing the look of your house, you must follow the accounts below for ideas!































These accounts have been very inspiring for me. I hope they will help inspire you too!




Green Juicing with Diana Danielle


Today we’ll talk just a little bit about green juicing! Well the truth is we absolutely love it! There are so many varieties of it and you can totally alter it to your taste buds. This one however is one made by me and it’s perfect for me on the go and its one of my favs!





Half an orange

Half a pear

Chia Seeds


All wholesome ingredients. My favourite superfood here is Chia Seeds which has many benefits. Just two teaspoons equals to our daily requirement of fiber in our body.

Did you know that 95% of the vitamins and enzymes our bodies need are found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables? Juicing is the best and easiest way to get this requirement if you live on the go, like me at times. It’s not cheating if you juice it, it still means you are getting all of your nutrients. This in turn will also make your skin and hair a lot better. The way to beauty is nourishment from the inside out.

Try and let us know if you like it and what your favourite recipes are!



Contour and Highlight

Makeup face Contour Highlight

1. Contour

Apply a darker shade to the areas of the face as shaded in the picture. Focus on cheekbone, both sides of the nose, below the jawline and the sides along the hairline.

2. Highlight

Follow the lighter areas in the picture by applying a lighter shade. Include the center of your forehead, brow bone, area under the eyes extending above the cheekbone, chin and the bridge of the nose.

Make sure you blend all the edges well for the most natural application.


             A darker shade contours your face and a lighter color highlights. Grab your Luxuria Cosmetics foundation and highlighter at and add a little sparkle with our shimmer powder. Of course all these products are mineral, cruelty and paraben free and vegan.

Soft Green Eyes Makeup Tutorial by Diana Danielle

Hi lovelies! This soft green makeup look is so perfect for most days. Easy and simple. Hope you like it!

* Mineral Loose Foundation Powder in Cool Beige by Luxuria Cosmetics

* Anti-Aging foundation in Ivory Beige by Luxuria Cosmetics

* Concealer in Neutral Fair by Luxuria Cosmetics

* Mineral Bronzer- Terra Glow by Luxuria Cosmetics

* Creme Blush- Feisty by Luxuria Cosmetics

Mineral Eye Shadow in Tundra (For Highlighting), Emerald by Luxuria Cosmetics

* Ultimate Volume Mascara in Brown by Luxuria Cosmetics

* Playful Creme Lipstick by Luxuria Cosmetics

* Incognito Lip Gloss by Luxuria Cosmetics

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Highlight shape and color of your lips

Highlight Beauty Tip

Luxuria Concealer

The perfect product to cover your blemishes! It is a creamier and softer formula, perfect rescue for all emergencies. Covers dark circles, fine lines and evens out skin tones under the eye. It’s a very lightweight product, providing smooth and long wearing coverage.

Luxuria Mineral Shimmer Powder

Our unique light reflecting mineral shimmer powder will give you a golden luminous glow that will make you look radiant. It can be used on the face and the body. 100% mineral that give us the shimmer and shine naturally.

Gold Minimalist Makeup by Diana Danielle

Hi beauties! This makeup look is for an everyday brown bronzey look with a bit of style! Great for a night out with the girls too but perfect for work/ college/ everyday!

* Mineral Loose Foundation Powder in Cool Beige by Luxuria Cosmetics
* Anti-Aging foundation in Ivory Beige by Luxuria Cosmetics
* Concealer in Neutral Fair by Luxuria Cosmetics
* Mineral Bronzer in Terra Glow by Luxuria Cosmetics

* Mineral Eye liner in Dark Brown by Luxuria Cosmetics

* Mineral Eye Shadow in Gold Mine and Earthquake by Luxuria Cosmetics
* Ultimate Volume Mascara in Black by Luxuria Cosmetics

Lipstick colors:
* Playful Creme Lipstick by Luxuria Cosmetics
* Incognito Lip Gloss by Luxuria Cosmetics

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Emerald is this years St. Patrick’s Day green


Planning to go to that crazy party this Sunday to celebrate a Saint from decades ago? Let us give you some St. Patrick’s Day makeup looks to replicate this 17th of March. Emerald is the color to go for. Maybe with a splash of red on the lips.


Get the looks with Luxuria. The best eyeshadows to steal the show at the Patty’s Day party are Emerald and Greenhouse. You can add yellow accents with Gold Mine or Yellowstone. Finish it off with a Red Creme Lipstick.



DIY Heart Nail Tutorial

Hi beauties! This video is something a little different and fun! It’s a nail tutorial!! An easy cheap one too and you all can recreate! Tag us on instagram or on our facebook if you recreate this 🙂

* Cruelty free nail polish by Hema for the Top Coat and the Red
* A bandaid/ plaster
* A scissors