Blue Paradise…

Hi beauties!

Sorry we have been gone for so long but we have been a little busy sorting stuff out and had some technical glitches on the way as well. Now we are back and ready for you again!

Last week I had the chance to travel to Greece, I was not sure as to what to expect exactly but I was nonetheless excited. When I got there I could not believe my eyes, everything in Mykonos looks like a picture perfect postcard. In Athens however, there were good parts and bad but the city was as warm and welcoming as the island.


This post will feature my outfit from one of the most beautiful days (weather wise) in Mykonos. Mykonos turns into a party island in the summer months but in spring and in autumn its tranquility and beauty really radiates. So if you are just going to chill, don’t go in the summer.


My Nikes have seen better days- I wore them out on this trip, so much walking and I go for comfort always whenever I am travelling. Although I am pleasantly surprised with the sneaker + dress combo.


I absolutely love pairing bold colours against each other- it just brightens up my entire day. I chose to pair Cranberry Creme Lipstick against my cobalt blue maxi. Even in warm weather by the sea, the lipstick lasts for hours, I only reapplied it once at night after dinner. I wore it from the morning, we walked the towns, went to the beaches, had lunch, walked some more, sat by the seaside and then had dinner and only after then did my lipstick finally need some touching up. It is great for moisturizing your lips too so you can skip your lipbalm and just carry a kickass colour with you while you’re travelling like I did.


My dress is from, my shoes from Nike, Bag from a boutique shop, glasses from H&M, jewellery from everywhere!


This is Peter the Pelican’s friend I am standing next to in Mykonos. Story has it that a fisherman found a pelican hurt, nursed it to health and when it recovered it didn’t leave the island, instead it just hung out there till it died, Peter was his name. Ever since, now there are 2 more pelicans chilling in the island, here I am awkwardly trying to pose next to it while it was cleaning its feathers.

If you are were not sure about Greece, I hope you are now! People on this island are lovely, very warm and kind. You will feel right at home.



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