Featured: Ex Beauty Queen Joanne Kwan

FullSizeRender-1This post is dedicated to this beautiful and brave courageous woman who is also a single mother to her beautiful daughter. This lady is former Miss Malaysia, winner of many other beauty pageants (including Miss Personality, Catwalk, Vogue, Photogenic), Miss Joanne Kwan. We are here to share 5 things that you did not already know about her and also tell you that she is a Luxuria Girl! In all these pictures, she is wearing makeup by Luxuria Cosmetics.

IMG_4914 #1

I love the colour pink. Pink roses. Pink shoes. Pink dress. Pink lipstick just like Nude Pink by Luxuria Cosmetics which I am wearing in the picture above and below. I only wear it on special occasions. Very special and very important ones. If you ever want to buy me a gift, try it in the colour pink even eyeshadows in pink.



I love shoes. Bags and clothes. I often tell people I have nothing to wear. In actual fact I have 3 wardrobes. 4th wardrobe is in progress. 2 shoe cabinets currently with a 3rd on its way. I’m a bit of a shopaholic. When I see something in the mall or when I am in line, I jus can’t help myself. But will I actually get to wear it? This little voice in me say: “you might need it later” haha



Food. I don’t have a sweet tooth. My favourite which I’ll never say NO to… is a bowl of soup noodles. I can have it all day everyday. Not forgetting KFC. I know it’s bad. But it taste so good. Try taking me to KFC. You will see me smile!



I love to write. It’s all about romance. Love. I appreciate love. I can be a very romantic girl who will make you a lunch box. I can even surprise you with gifts. A box full with gifts. I pay attention to all the minor details of a person that I love.



I have always love hip hop and R&B. However, I can sing but I can never rap. I usually skip the rapping part but I like to pretend that I know how to rap. I bet other people do this to.

All makeup looks created with Luxuria Cosmetics.

For more on Joanne Kwan, follow her on social media now, her instagram is @joannekwan.

Who would you like us to feature next?





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