IM_1Daydreams are made of things we think are beautiful that we want. This beauty right here is made of day dreams.. What do you find yourself day dreaming about? Let me introduce you once again to the beautiful Iman.. She is so stunning and with skin like that it is only right to give it the best. This beautiful natural look is perfect for the everyday or the night out with your special person or with your friends! So classy yet so spunky!



Face: Anti-Aging Foundation in Raw Umber, Mineral Loose Foundation Powder in Mineral Deep Dark with Mineral Finishing Powder to seal the look.

Cheeks: Mineral Bronzer in Terra Glow 

Eyes: Eden Mineral Eye Shadow (as a base) + Volcano Mineral Eye Shadow , Black Mineral Eye Liner + Ultimate Volume Mascara in Black, Concealer in Neutral Dark for the under eyes and as a highlight. 

Lips: Wish Creme Lipstick 

Makeup by Luxuria Cosmetics

Photography by ShutterPlace Studios

Makeup Artist: Jijie Zainal


The combination of the Eden and Volcano mineral eyeshadow resulted in this beautiful strong pink colour! Our minerals are so natural and gentle to your skin that it actually benefits your skin plus you get more product for your money which is a bonus! What is better than knowing your skin is taken care of when you are using makeup to enhance your natural beauty. It is your perfect imperfections that we want to preserve and makeup needs to be natural and benefiting to your skin. This is what Luxuria does best, if you don’t believe us, try it for yourself…

Would you wear this beautiful soft look out?




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