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Introducing to you again the beautiful Iman. Iman’s signature look is her favorite foundation that she cannot do without, her Anti Aging Foundation in Raw Umber by Luxuria Cosmetics. This product brings out her glow so perfectly as it radiates her skin without the oily effect even in warm temperatures. This is because of its Green Tea extract and lightweight formula that allows your skin to breathe!

unnamed (16)Her stunning features just shines right through these stunning pictures. We decided to enhance her look by creating a dramatic eye effect for the perfect bold statement. Yes this look is edgy but in all the best ways! To tone the look down for yourself just use the eyeshadow as a highlight in the corners of your eye and as the base.

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Face: Raw Umber Anti-Aging Foundation, Mineral Deep Dark Foundation Powder + Mineral Bronzer in Terra Glow & Mineral Finishing Powder

Eyes: Earthquake Mineral Eye Shadow (base) + Bronze & Gold Mine Mineral Eye Shadow (crease & effect), Ultimate Volume Mascara , Concealer in Neutral Dark, Mineral Black Eye Liner to line the eyes & Earthquake Mineral Eye Shadow (to fill in brows)

Lips: Classic Red Creme Lipstick

Makeup by Luxuria Cosmetics

Makeup Artist: Jijie Zainal

Photography: Wawan from Shutter Place Studios

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This luscious Classic Red lipstick is so perfect for all skin tones and looks so classy! It definitely is a beauty staple!





Volcanic Love…

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This look is effortlessly beautiful. Perfect for work days and night outs with your friends. A very natural look with a little bit of an edge. Spunky is never a bad thing. It is important that you be yourself and not scared to experiment or try new things.


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Diana Danielle pulls this look off so well. Everyone can try a bold colour on their eyes if they blend it well and match it with a beige softer colour. Our eyeshadows are perfect for natural blending to create beautiful effects for every look.

IMG_1601 copy

Face: Ivory Beige Anti-Aging Foundation, Mineral Cool Beige Foundation Powder + Mineral Bronzer in Terra Glow

Eyes: Coast Mineral Eye Shadow (base) + Volcano Mineral Eye Shadow (crease), Ultimate Volume Mascara , Concealer in Neutral Fair 

Lips: Playful Creme Lipstick

Makeup by Luxuria Cosmetics

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Our liquid foundation is super lightweight and made with Green Tea extract which is great for sensitive skin. All of our products are made with natural ingredients that do not irritate your skin and our makeup benefits your skin greatly.




Featured: Ex Beauty Queen Joanne Kwan

FullSizeRender-1This post is dedicated to this beautiful and brave courageous woman who is also a single mother to her beautiful daughter. This lady is former Miss Malaysia, winner of many other beauty pageants (including Miss Personality, Catwalk, Vogue, Photogenic), Miss Joanne Kwan. We are here to share 5 things that you did not already know about her and also tell you that she is a Luxuria Girl! In all these pictures, she is wearing makeup by Luxuria Cosmetics.

IMG_4914 #1

I love the colour pink. Pink roses. Pink shoes. Pink dress. Pink lipstick just like Nude Pink by Luxuria Cosmetics which I am wearing in the picture above and below. I only wear it on special occasions. Very special and very important ones. If you ever want to buy me a gift, try it in the colour pink even eyeshadows in pink.



I love shoes. Bags and clothes. I often tell people I have nothing to wear. In actual fact I have 3 wardrobes. 4th wardrobe is in progress. 2 shoe cabinets currently with a 3rd on its way. I’m a bit of a shopaholic. When I see something in the mall or when I am in line, I jus can’t help myself. But will I actually get to wear it? This little voice in me say: “you might need it later” haha



Food. I don’t have a sweet tooth. My favourite which I’ll never say NO to… is a bowl of soup noodles. I can have it all day everyday. Not forgetting KFC. I know it’s bad. But it taste so good. Try taking me to KFC. You will see me smile!



I love to write. It’s all about romance. Love. I appreciate love. I can be a very romantic girl who will make you a lunch box. I can even surprise you with gifts. A box full with gifts. I pay attention to all the minor details of a person that I love.



I have always love hip hop and R&B. However, I can sing but I can never rap. I usually skip the rapping part but I like to pretend that I know how to rap. I bet other people do this to.

All makeup looks created with Luxuria Cosmetics.

For more on Joanne Kwan, follow her on social media now, her instagram is @joannekwan.

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IM_1Daydreams are made of things we think are beautiful that we want. This beauty right here is made of day dreams.. What do you find yourself day dreaming about? Let me introduce you once again to the beautiful Iman.. She is so stunning and with skin like that it is only right to give it the best. This beautiful natural look is perfect for the everyday or the night out with your special person or with your friends! So classy yet so spunky!



Face: Anti-Aging Foundation in Raw Umber, Mineral Loose Foundation Powder in Mineral Deep Dark with Mineral Finishing Powder to seal the look.

Cheeks: Mineral Bronzer in Terra Glow 

Eyes: Eden Mineral Eye Shadow (as a base) + Volcano Mineral Eye Shadow , Black Mineral Eye Liner + Ultimate Volume Mascara in Black, Concealer in Neutral Dark for the under eyes and as a highlight. 

Lips: Wish Creme Lipstick 

Makeup by Luxuria Cosmetics

Photography by ShutterPlace Studios

Makeup Artist: Jijie Zainal


The combination of the Eden and Volcano mineral eyeshadow resulted in this beautiful strong pink colour! Our minerals are so natural and gentle to your skin that it actually benefits your skin plus you get more product for your money which is a bonus! What is better than knowing your skin is taken care of when you are using makeup to enhance your natural beauty. It is your perfect imperfections that we want to preserve and makeup needs to be natural and benefiting to your skin. This is what Luxuria does best, if you don’t believe us, try it for yourself…

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Fresh Start


Diana Danielle, co-founder of Luxuria Cosmetics, mother, daughter, wife and friend juggles many roles in her daily life. On top of that, on screen she juggles many other roles as an actress. She is an inspiration to woman everywhere. One of her secrets is simply simplicity. In order to balance her life at home and at work- she prefers simplicity and this is evident in her make up looks.



Face: Ivory Beige Anti Aging Foundation, Mineral Cool Beige Foundation Powder and Mineral Matte Finishing powder

Cheeks: Lavish Creme Blush and Mineral Bronzer in Terra Glow

Lips: Classic Red Creme Lipstick with Incognito Lumi Shine Lipgloss

Eyes: Tundra (base), Flower & Volcano Mineral Eye Shadow and Ultimate Volume Mascara in Black 

Makeup: Luxuria Cosmetics

Makeup Artist: Jijie Zainal

Photography: Wawan- ShutterPlace Studios


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