JAN Issue of InTrend Magazine

28th Nov 2014, Diana Danielle and Iman Mohamed, both Luxuria girls, did a high end profile photoshoot for Intrend Malaysia magazine. The photoshoot featured brands such as Missoni, Kate Spade, Burberry and Hermes. This spread has been released in the January Issue of Intrend Magazine.

Photo:Vincent Paul Young
Style Editor: Iqbal V Azwan Mukhtaram


Diana in Missoni jumpsuit with Jacket and hat from H&M

Iman in Kate Spade coat with a Coach top.




Hermes top, H&M skirt and black Martens boots.

IMG_0341Diana in a green dress from Prada with a Coach jacket and shoes from Burberry.

Iman in Michael Kors


Diana in a Prada dress with a Coach leather jacket and shoes from Burberry.

On the right: She’s in a orange suit from Bernand Chandran and shoes from Burberry.



Iman in Kate Spade


Hermes head scarf

We hope you have enjoyed these looks, please don’t forget to grab your copy of Intrend Malaysia magazine on the shelves today.





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