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Maybe you guys do know, or maybe you don’t but I am used to being quite a nomad- moving around often. This is my first attempt at my first grown up home and I am pretty happy with the progress. What do you guys think? The idea I had was to create a cozy home that makes me and everyone that comes in feel welcome and right at home. I wanted to keep the colours quite neutral and only my wall of frames as the accessory. Feature walls are not so hard to do, everything on that wall is personal memories and travels in frames I got from consignment shops, pre-loved stores and boutiques- didn’t cost very much at all. As you can also see, I am a sucker for animals and I have a cat, Oreo. She has a scratching post and a little bed of her own, yet she used the couch most often. I do feel that is you have a pet, it’s important as they have things that are theirs as well.

What do you think? Take a picture of your living room and tag #luxuriahome so that me and Diana can have a look and get inspired by you!




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