The power of a quiet mind

Hi guys!


It seems impossible nowadays, the way most of us are living our lives to have adequate rest & down time. It’s been said that for every hour of work we do, we should give our mind/body 15 minutes of free time. I know many of us can go hours and hours ticking off the to-do lists from work and home but you’re risking burning yourself out.


What does it mean by burning out?

Your mind is hazy, you’re unable to focus, it’s hard to find motivation or any will to even go into the shower. All you want to do is zone out (if not sleep) for an entire week or even month. Don’t be surprised. A lot of people get into depression mode thinking they are depressed and unhappy when all they really needed was to take care of their body.


Stop thinking so much. Quit worrying. Rest! Sleep for Pete’s sake!




How do you quiet your mind?

Now I’m not going to teach you to quiet your mind like a professional guru but I do know a couple of techniques that has helped me.


* Deep breathing:

When it’s been a long day or when there’s just too much on my plate, I lay flat in bed (or anywhere you can sit/lie down) and take very deep and slow breaths. I do this for a good 15 minutes and boy do I recharge. My mind is clearer, my body energized and my focus back to top notch.


* Revise your to do list

Yes, check it again. You need to ask yourself if all 50 things you need to do needs to be done TODAY or it can be slotted into another day or week. Learn to differentiate urgent from important.


* Exercise

I can’t stress enough how good I feel after i’ve exercised. For me I’m not the gym type. I need exercise to be fun, not a chore but something I look forward to doing. I enjoy Yoga because it’s a chance for me to practice quieting my very noisy mind. I swim because the soft flow of water and body is therapeutic for me (and my son and I are water babies). I also love dancing because it’s been my passion, jungle trekking and rock climbing.




Find physical activities you REALLY enjoy and you won’t feel so unmotivated to do it.


* Organize your life

A frantic mind is sometimes a sign that you need to focus on organizing your time, and balance it out. Are you too focused on your job and have no time for yourself or your friends/hobby/passion? I recently found a weekly schedule that is super “balancing”. It has spaces for family/friends/work/hobby/goals and most importantly myself. It may seem like a lot, but if you know just how important living a balanced and well planned life is, the little effort is very much worth it.


Of course, always remember that as humans, there will always be off days. Don’t get discouraged. Pick up where you left it and take it easy.


* Pray and hope for the best

God is always listening, and watching. When troubles and pressure pile up, remember that there is the hidden strength in you given by God. How many times have you gone through times when you never thought you’d come out alive? Always be grateful and share your gratitude with God and your loved ones.


As we grow older, we tend to forget to have fun and be silly. Don’t let the stresses of live rob the lightness of your life. Instead embrace everything you are, be bold and when your mind speaks too much, acknowledge it and continue to slow your thoughts down. Come on, you can do it!






Green Juicing with Diana Danielle


Today we’ll talk just a little bit about green juicing! Well the truth is we absolutely love it! There are so many varieties of it and you can totally alter it to your taste buds. This one however is one made by me and it’s perfect for me on the go and its one of my favs!





Half an orange

Half a pear

Chia Seeds


All wholesome ingredients. My favourite superfood here is Chia Seeds which has many benefits. Just two teaspoons equals to our daily requirement of fiber in our body.

Did you know that 95% of the vitamins and enzymes our bodies need are found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables? Juicing is the best and easiest way to get this requirement if you live on the go, like me at times. It’s not cheating if you juice it, it still means you are getting all of your nutrients. This in turn will also make your skin and hair a lot better. The way to beauty is nourishment from the inside out.

Try and let us know if you like it and what your favourite recipes are!