Emel by Melinda Looi x Diana Danielle

Now that the holiday seasons are close by again, Luxuria girl Diana Danielle collaborated with famous Malaysian designer Melinda Looi to create a line inspired by her sense of style and everyday inspiration called Emel. This line is available on the Melinda Looi website  and Zalora.

So that a look and start your shopping 🙂


ML-E14-085-YEL_grande ML-E14-091-MUL_grande ML-E14-097-BLU_-_Copy_grande ML-E14-097-PIN-1_grande ML-E14-100-GRE_grande ML-E14-100-PINK_new_1024x1024 ML-E14-101-BLU_grande ML-E14-101-PIN_grande ML-E14-107-BLU_lowres_grande ML-E14-107-GRY_grande ML-E14-112-NAV_grande ML-E14-112-PIN_grande ML-E14-114-GRE_grande ML-E14-114-PIN_1024x1024 ML-E14-117-MUL_grande ML-E14-118-MUL_grande ML-E14-122-CRE_1024x1024 ML-E14-123-BLK_1024x1024 ML-E14-139-MUL_1024x1024


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