Red Lips brightens Spring up!



Spring is here and everyone’s frowns are turned upside down. It’s almost my favorite time of the year which is summer and I always get very excited for the warm weather. I am now in Amsterdam, travelling and spending time with loved ones so these photos are taken here in Amsterdam in a suburban area. It was a beautiful day today but with a little bit of cold winds. I chose to dress very casual with my favorite faux leather jacket, jeans, jelly shoes, tank top, H&M sling bag, MNG sunglasses and the best accessory yet a red lipstick from Luxuria Cosmetics named Red Alert. 





Now obviously you have to do at least one thing that makes you laugh per day and the playground visit on the way home was mine..



Lips are clearly the best accessory on a girl, to spruce up any boring outfit a bright red lip is the best option. This lipstick from Luxuria is cruelty free and natural, lasts long and has a beautiful texture!

IMG_7629 IMG_7628