Something special: Giveaway + Lunch/Dinner with Diana Danielle & Harveen


We have super exciting news for you all. We are holding a special giveaway starting now till Wednesday, 11th of September at 9pm. The prize is some awesome Luxuria goodies, consisting of 3 products of your choice, a lunch date with Luxuria girls Diana Danielle and Harveen Dhaliwal, a free consultation from these girls. So what are you waiting for? Listed below are the details on how to enter. Hurry!

1. You have to be subscribed to our Youtube page 

2. You have to like our Facebook page 

3. You have to sign up for our newsletter. Do it here.

4. You have to follow us on Instagram: Luxuria Cosmetics & Diana Danielle 

5. Comment on this post or on the Luxuria Facebook with your name for Youtube, Facebook, Newsletter and Instagram so we can check and tell us why you should be picked?

6. Share this blog post on your Facebook page. You can do this at the bottom of the post.

Winners picked by Luxuria girls on Wednesday, the 11th of September at 9.30pm. Lunch/Dinner or Coffee will be the Thursday, 12th of September in Klang Valley. We will contact the winner on Wednesday night.

We cannot wait to meet you! Get on to it! Hurry! Good luck, we hope it could be all of you!


Diana & Harveen

Luxuria Cosmetics


7 thoughts on “Something special: Giveaway + Lunch/Dinner with Diana Danielle & Harveen

  1. Hi girls!

    My name for:

    1) Youtube – Suraya Aminudin

    2) Facebook – Suraya Aminudin

    3) Newsletter – (Suraya Aminudin)

    4) Instagram – Surayaaminudin

    5) You should pick me because I am an avid fan of both Diana Danielle and Luxuria Cosmetics. I have met Diana during her Nanowhite round tour in JB and I definitely want to see her again! Ever since the launch of this awesome makeup range, I am slowly changing my make up collection to LuxuriaCosmetics. And right now, I have 3 creme lipsticks, 1 mineral bronzer, 1 mineral eye shadows, an anti aging foundation and an ultimate volume mascara. Please do pick me! I wanna have meet both of you so much! 😀

  2. Youtube – yantiyantiyanti
    Facebook – Yanti Iswa
    Newsletter – yantiiswa
    Instagram – yantiiswa

    I simply looooveeee make up. The idea to actually being able to sit and talk make up with someone who share the same interest just too exciting and it will be such a wonderful experience!

  3. Youtube – ( Limau Masam )
    Facebook – ( Awex Jual Mahal Jutawan )
    Newsletter – ( syafiera )
    Instagram – Naomi_Otawa

    I totally in love minerals make up since I have a very sensitive skin and really bad in acne. I totally have no idea to cover my acne since it really worst and tried many makeup before really didn’t work ! I hope luxuria cosmestics could help me to cover my bad skin ;(((((

  4. Thank you for joining! We wish we could meet you all! We will be doing this again soon we promise! Maybe a group meet up? Our winner was picked in random. We did enjoy reading all your entries though!

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