Look #2 of Merdeka Mania

Merdeka is just 4 days away and now for our second look! We also have a very special secret, stay tuned for a last minute Merdeka Sale! These are our five stunners, for our recent 1Malaysia shoot. From right to left: Sally, Sarah, Michelle, Zainab and Hannah


Today, we will be breaking down Michelle’s makeup. The inspiration for her makeup was to keep it simple yet elegant and fun at the same time.

1st: We applied some mineral foundation in Mineral Medium.

2nd: Next, apply some Neutral Fair Concealer on the eye lids before applying the eyeshadows.

3rd: As the base of the eyeshadow, use Yellowstone Mineral Eye Shadow and in the crease line apply Bronzed Mineral Eye Shadow.

4th: Grab a shimmery gold eye shadow like Gold Mine and add it to the ends and the inner corner of the eye lid, then blend well. Now grab a earthy brown eyeshadow colour like Earthquake and apply it as eye liner one the water line and the corners of the upper lash line as well.


5th: Now grab some of our Alabaster Corrector and use it as a highlight, underneath the eyes and underneath the brow bone. Also add it on the top of your nose too for the extra sparkle!

6th: For the rosy yet natural cheeks, use some Lavish Creme Blush on the apples of your cheeks. Smile when you apply your blush, it not only makes it more fun but it helps get the position right.

7th: Grab some Terra Glow Mineral Bronzer and sweep onto the hollows of your cheekbones and the sides of your forehead. Make sure to not have too much product on the brush when you do this.


8th: For the lips, we kept it young and sweet with a red lipstick with orange undertones, Sassy Creme lipstick. Then add some Mineral Finishing powder on the lips and you’re done! This will change the lipstick into matte.

9th: Use some of that Finishing powder and apply it all over the face. This is an amazing product that just keeps the face looking fresh all day and it makes the makeup last much longer too!


We hope you enjoyed this look! Recreate it and tag us on Instagram or Facebook @LuxuriaCosmetics 



Merdeka Makeup Mania

Hello beauties! It’s almost Merdeka, the Independence day of Malaysia. It falls on the 31st of August every year. It is a time of celebration and patriotism. Malaysia is so culturally diverse and unique. Today, on the blog, we’re going to show you guys 1 out of the 5 different looks that we created on these beautiful teens. From the far left to right, meet Michelle, Hannah, Zainab, Sarah and Sally.


Today, we’ll break down Hannah’s look first!

Hannah has on this beautiful smoky yet fresh eye makeup paired with a light brown lip with pink undertones to keep her whole look vibrant and young!


The first step to creating this look is simple.

1st: Put on some foundation, we use Luxuria’s Anti-Aging Toffe Liquid Foundation.

2nd: Use Luxuria’s Neutral Dark concealer as a primer for the eyes before adding on any colour.

3rd: Add Luxuria’s Coast Mineral Eye shadow for the base of the eyes.


4th: Grab some Ocean Mineral Eye Shadow, its a dark mineral blue and apply that in a shape of a sideways V of the edges of the including the crease line.

5th: Use a blending brush and blend the V shape well and blend the blue into the crease line, until there are no harsh lines.

6th:  Apply some Mineral Eye Liner in Black on the lash line and the water line of the eyes. Wing upwards slightly the the liner one the lash line. Finally some black mascara, we use the Ultimate Volume Mascara to elongate those lashes!

7th: Now that the eye look is complete, seal it in by applying Concealer underneath the eyes. Concealer in Neutral Dark was used, this helped to conceal and give a highlight underneath the eyes.


8th: Back to the rest of the face, now grab the Creme Blush in Flaunt for this rosy but yet very natural pink blush. Apply this just on the apples of the cheek. Smile while you do this, makes it much easier and blend well.

9th: Bronzer time, in our book, no look is quite complete without bronzer. We use Terra Glow Bronzer for a healthy sun kissed look. Apply this to the hollow of the cheek, make a fish mouth so you get the hollows of your cheek while you do this. Make sure to blend well. Don’t forget to add some on the sides of your forehead and on your jawline.

10th: For this pinky brown lip, we use Dune Rose Creme Lipstick, and apply this and finish this off by dabbing some Mineral Finishing powder to make the lips matte. This will also help the lipstick last longer!

11th: Use the same Mineral Finishing powder and apply it over the whole look to seal the look in. This will help make the look extra flawless!


We hope you enjoyed this look! Tell us what you thought about it in the comments below.