Slicked back hair, paired with… glowy cheeks

Slicked back hair

Slicked back hair

Kinda ’80s, kinda punk – totally hot. (Hear it for Alicia!) And sleek works on all hair lengths and types.

Mineral Shimmer Powder FeaturePaired with… glowy cheeks

Your face takes center stage with hair pushed back. Shine a spotlight on cheeks by sweeping pale gold highlighter on apples, blending up toward temples. Use a pinkie to dot illuminator on the inner corners of eyes; it will distract from any imperfections.

Source: Self – July 2013

Luxuria Cosmetics Mineral Shimmer Powder

Our unique light reflecting mineral shimmer powder will give you a golden luminous glow that will make you look radiant. It can be used on the face and the body. 100% mineral that give us the shimmer and shine naturally.

Perfect for all skin tones and types. Formulated without parabens. Vegan.


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