For the pretty days of summer

Vintage Style Hairdo

To keep a down do from being snoozy, curl just the ends and use a cream to smooth. Do a sexy swoop over your forehead, and hold it in place with a cluster of pins at eye level.

A sporty side braid keeps hair off your face on a hot day! Give clean hair some texture by spritzing on dry shampoo, then French-braid a section along your front hairline from one ear toward the other. Braid to the tips, and add a drop shine serum to the ends to keep them smooth.

Give your everyday topknot a rock-and-roll makeover. Add grip with a spray gel and tease with a paddle brush. Use your fingers to rake hair back into a loose, messy pouf. Pin in place and finish with a dab of texturizing cream on the piecesaround your face and topknot.

A fun night out calls for a glam (but relaxed) style to match. After curling your hair with an iron, choose your best side and make a clean part with a comb. Sweep strands to the opposite shoulder and pin in place with a few bobby pins at the nape of your neck. Blast with stronghold hairspray.

Source: Seventeen


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