Beautiful Natural Looking False Lashes to Finish Your Look

One of the best kept secrets in Hollywood are the natural looking fake eye lashes. This would be the way to go for longer, fuller eye lashes. Mascara can only go so far. You won’t only get an amazing looking glance, but sleepy looking eyes will disappear like snow before the sun. Ideal to add a bit more effect at parties or special occasions. Get the extra ‘wow’ effect.

There is a wide range of false lashes out now, but a big difference in quality and appearance. Check out the natural looking false eyelashes from EverydayMeijina for instance. No need to throw them away after use, these are reusable.

The idea that false lashes are over the top or uncool is outdated. It is the way to get a super glamorous look. Be sure to apply your eye makeup before adding the lashes. This way your false lashes won’t get too dirty and hard to clean for reuse.

false-eyelash-closeupJust start with your usual routine for eye makeup. You might want to use our Luxuria Eye Liner to draw an ideal line to follow when applying the lashes. Sticking the lashes on might require some practice so give it a try before you finish your whole look. To get the best of both world to get a prominent full look, you can start by adding Luxuria Ultimate Volume Mascara to your natural eyelashes before you put on the false eyelashes from for instance EverydayMeijina.

We like the EverydayMeijina reusable lashes because they are made of ‘mono fiber’. No animal cruelty involved and a top quality material. It has an amazing resemblance to real hair in texture and feel. And forget about mass-produced, they’re handmade. In the plastic box delivered with the product you will have a great storage place to keep the lashes until that next occasion to steal the show.


The Sunshine 002 (above) are great for everyday looks and easy to use for newbies in the falsies business. Makes your eyelashes natural looking with believable volume and curve.

Get ready for your special day with Sweet Bride 005 (under). With hyper volume and unique design at tail end of this hand made false eyelashes makes you look outstanding.


For reusable and natural looking false eyelashes be sure to check out

Don’t forget to add some Ultimate Volume Mascara from Luxuria Cosmetics.


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