Sky-High Cheeks


Gorgeous, well-defined cheekbones are the easiest to fake. Here’s how to use bronzer, blush and highlighter to work your angles.




3Apply a thin layer or liquid foundation, then dust lightly with loose powder for an even, shine-free complexion.

451. Prepare a clean business card diagonally below your cheekbone (from your ear down) and use a cheek brush to sweep bronzer along the top. The bronzer will cast a shadow on the sides of your face, giving it a chiselled effect.


2. Smile, place two fingers next to your nose and apply blush to the uncovered area of your cheek. (Placing colour too close to your nose makes your face look fuller).


3. Tap highlighting powder along the crest of your cheekbone up to the temple in a C shape. The sheen will highlight and enhance your bone structure.

Source: Cosmopolitan Singapore


Check out the Luxuria Cosmetics Bronzer, Blusher and Shimmer Powder (as highlighter).

Bronzer1   Blusher1 Shimmer1


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