Adele and the Women in Music

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The stars come out for Adele

Adele wears a vintage lace dress from Alberta Ferretti, diamond and hematite earrings from Stephen Webster, and her own ring.

Photographed by Thomas Whiteside/Jet Root.

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ADELE: The planet’s most beloved artist is far more than a voice – she’s a one-name-will-do-it, total-package superforce.

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TAYLOR SWIFT: “All these emotions, everything that’s said and all you experience, that’s what inspires the first flicker of a song. It’s hard being a human being.”

ALICIA KEYS: “This album is about saying I am who I am, not who you want me to be.”

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ANGEL HAZE: “I like to talk about controversial things because music should be about whatever the artist believes in.”

PAT BENATAR: “If someone had told me I’d still be doing this at 60, I’d have laughed in their face. But we love playing. It’s not a choice. It’s like breathing: If you don’t do it, you’re dead.”

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JESSIE WARE: “Who knows if people will even care about me next year. It they don’t, I’d still be happy with what I’ve done.”

MIRANDA LAMBERT: “My message is to be your own person, always – whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a superstar.”

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GRIMES: “You could make an SNL skit about all the weird names that people have called my sound.”

HAIM: “We still practice in our parents’ living room. If it’s not broken, why fix it?”

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PINK: “I will always have a cause or a reason to fight. I do tire of the ‘bad girl’ thing, but I can’t say it’s not true.”

Source: Elle – April 2013


Magazine Picks of the Week

A selection of magazine covers this week. Vogue Deutsch, Marie Claire USA, Marie Claire South Africa, Elle Canada, Vogue Australia.

Magazine Picks

Kati Nescher and the Belles Rebelles with looks a la Madonna in Vogue Deutschland.

Grace Mahary is Elle Canada’s new supermodel who just rocked 50+ runways.

Jessica Chastain is the overnight success on the Marie Claire cover in South Africa.

Marie Claire USA has Scarlett Johansson on her new man and her raciest role ever.

Karlie Kloss her models series in Vogue Australia.


Get the Working Girl Look

Working Girl Look

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Turban Chic

Turbans have been making a fashion statement since Paul Poiret began topping off his creations with them way back in the early 20th century (though Sikhs, of course, had been wearing them for centuries before that though not as a fashion statement).

Turban Chic

From 1940’s film noir costumes a Joan Crawford to Elizabeth Taylor, the glory days of Yves Saint Laurent, Prada’s Spring 2007 show, and Qatar’s own style icon HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, turbans are making yet another return. Glam is loving UAE designer Malaak’s beautiful range of headwear and this season there are many different options to choose from.

Source: Glam – April 2013

Audrey Hepburn on Vanity Fair cover

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Audrey Hepburn is photographed by Bud Fraker, circa 1957, to publicize her movie Funny Face.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 10.49.52 PM

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 10.50.04 PMAfter her Oscar-winning leap to Hollywood stardom, in 1953’s Roman Holiday, Hepburn would retreat to the Eternal City, savoring the freedom she found there. Her son’s new book provides snapshots of Hepburn’s life in Rome, memories of those private years, and an archive of the purest style.

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Hot Pink is the Mani of the Moment

Mani Pinks

Want to think, Yay! every time you glance down at your hands? Pick one of the latest vibrant pink polishes. THey’re delicious-looking on all skin tones, as you can see.

Source: Redbook

Beautiful Natural Looking False Lashes to Finish Your Look

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Miley Cyrus on Cosmopolitan USA – March 2013

Miley Cyrus on Cosmopolitan USA March 2013

In the two years after her mega-hit show ended, Miley Cyrus has gotten engaged, shaved her head, made a couple of movies and is about to drop a hugely anticipated album. Now, this uncensored star answers to nobody but herself.


Makeup by Pati Dubroff – Photographed by Matthias Vriens-McGrath – See more at: Cosmopolitan USA

Jessica Pare on Elle Canada – March 2013

Jessica Pare on Elle Canada March 2013

Mad Men sweetheart, actress Jessica Paré chats with Elle Canada. She opens up about her family, Montreal roots, and the joys of playing Mrs. Draper.

Makeup by Simone Otis – Photographed by John vander Schilden – See more at: Elle Canada