Fashionista Maps Out Fashion Month By Color: Fall 2013

lead642 has put all collections together for this fall. Of course, because seeing one collection and one look at a time is not good enough to determine color trends. In spring we saw that like always blue was in and purple was not. Popular in almost every city were the seafoams, mints and emeralds. In fall every city welcomed darkness into its color palette. A natural trend as light colors will always dominate spring and darks dominate fall. All-black looks went up in numbers and blue took more then a quarter of the color looks (note the big blue blotch on the map). Shades of red came in second and green was the clear one missing as emerald was chosen was the color of the year.
We let Fashionista explain the looks at New York, London, Milan and Paris.


The overloaded New York schedule provided plenty of everything. Shades of blue and red (check out that pocket of oxblood) came in first and second, respectively, and the darker colors were spread across the board. There were a lot of navy blues, military greens, and neutrals. The bright colors of last spring are pushed towards the top, almost off the map. And that tiny dollop of green proper? You’ll notice this as a common theme this fall.


London wasn’t going to let the somber mood of the other three cities bring it down, turning out to be the brightest of the four. Blue had its biggest competition here, with red (again, all that oxblood at shows like Burberry Prorsum, Felder Felder, and Marios Schwab) coming in a close second place. London had the biggest pocket of bright orange from shows like Richard Nicoll and Joseph Conran. You’ll find that Milan and Paris don’t have the same enthusiasm for the color.


Last season, Milan had a well-balanced diet of pastels. For fall, however, the city is almost entirely devoid of any proper green or orange, both of which veered to the side of yellow-toned. As a result, there were plenty of mustards and camels to play around with. But then, neutrals are typically more popular for fall, and it’s something we saw in every city. Dark blues? Check. Lots of red? Double check (thank you, Dolce & Gabbana). Moving along…


OK. Pointing out the sheer volume of dark blues is just beating a dead horse since it’s happening in every city. It’s like saying that Paris designers show a lot of black (which they totally did, outnumbering the all-white looks by about 4 to 1), or that the new Pope is Catholic. But having said that, Paris definitely had the largest percentage of blue in every variety, comprising over a third of the color looks. There was an especially large section of dusty blues thanks to designers like Louis Vuitton and A. F. Vandevorst. Green and orange were predictably absent as well.

Source: by Dana Kruspe


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