Go with the fluoro

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Beauty is showcasing splashes of neon this season, set against a flawless bare face. Brighten up, says Jessica Hogan.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 9.53.07 PMIt’s day five of s/s ’13 fashion week, I am in New York and starved of colour. Sure, the Nineties beauty revival I’m seeing – raw skin, emphasised brows and precious little else – is a refreshing palate cleanser, but I am craving something bright and out of the ordinary, so that I can go back to Vogue HQ in London and say: “Guess what I saw?” And then it happens. Walking into Donna Karan’s venue at the Cedar Lake theatre in Chelsea, model Karlie Kloss wafts past. Her eyes are painted pink. Piercingly pink. “More colour! Load it on!” make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury is instructing her team. “I want to be able to see it for miles.”

Source: Vogue April 2013

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