Spring Trends




THE LOOK “This takes guts but the effect is dazzling,” says Johnson-King of the sparkly eyes seen at Dior. “Beauty and art meet head-on.”

INSIDER KNOWLEDGE “Apply a powder shadow as a wash of colour over the lid – pink and lilac are key shades this season. Continue the colour along your lower lash line,” says Johnson-King. “Avoid creams as the sequins will slide off.” Have a rough idea of where you want to place the sequins and get your kit ready – clear eyelash glue, a cotton bud and sequins. “Apply a little glue to the back of sequins and press on to lids and browbones, using the cotton bud to position them.” Do this while your eyes are open to ensure they are visible and feel comfortable. Wear this look with flawless skin, nude lips and a little black mascara.

MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU “Apply the sequins along your upper lash line, as you would eyeliner, for a more subtle effect,” advises Johnson-King.



THE LOOK “Adding colour with this reddish-pink blush lifts and contours your face,” says make-up artist Ciona Johnson-King of the Dolce & Gabbana look we’re hailing as the five-minute face lift.

INSIDER KNOWLEDGE After applying foundation, swirl a brush into the colour compact (or use your ring finger for a creamy texture). “Brush excess off on the back of your hand,” says Johnson-King “it’s easier to add than take away.” Sweep the brush from the highest point of your cheekbone, blending up towards the temples. “Keep colour above rather than below the cheekbone to help lift your features.” Creates a contrast with black kohl on the outer upper lash line and black mascara.

MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU Shimmer can be hard to wear. “If you blend colour too close to the eyes,” says Johnson-King “it will sit in and exaggerate fine lines” Play safe with a matt blusher or blend blusher towards the temples, not the eyes. If black eyeliner is too harsh, “try universally flattering chocolate brown”.



THE LOOK “Prada has given you permission to go bright with lip colour,” says Johnson-King who recommends keeping it modern by stripping everything else back.

INSIDER KNOWLEDGE Luxuria lipsticks have good holding power and don’t bleed like glossier ones might. First coat lips with a matching lip liner for an intense finish. “When applying the lipstick, stretch the lips, by smiling or using your index finger to gently pull the skin towards the outer edges, to prevent patchy colour.” Then take a lip brush and go over the colour, pushing the product in. Balance your bright lip colour with flawless skin and a touch of bronzer.

MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU “Red lipstick doesn’t have an age restriction – it’s about choosing the right tone,” says Johnson-King. The more mature should avoid blue-based reds. “Darker reddish browns are more flattering for women with fine lines around their mouths.”



THE LOOK “This season is all about updating iconic styles with partings, low-slung looks and hair covering the ears,” says hairstylist Luke Hersheson Jil Sander’s low version was a simple way to sharpen up a classic pony.

INSIDER KNOWLEDGE Bulk up your locks with a volumising cream, then create a precise centre parting with a tail comb before drying. “With your open palms, smooth down strands, keeping your ears covered with hair,” says Hersheson. Secure the tail at the nape of the neck, and finish with a spritz of hair spray.

MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU “This style looks great with fresh block colour. So disguise roots by adding more product for a wetter finish,” says Hersheson.


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