Romantic Makeup Tutorial By Diana Danielle

Hi beauties! This video is just a romantic sweetheart makeup tutorial that is so versatile!

* Mineral Loose Foundation Powder in Cool Beige by Luxuria Cosmetics
* Anti-Aging foundation in Ivory Beige by Luxuria Cosmetics
* Concealer in Neutral Fair by Luxuria Cosmetics
* Mineral Bronzer in Terra Glow by Luxuria Cosmetics

* Mineral Eye liner in Dark Brown by Luxuria Cosmetics

* Mineral Eye Liner in Black by Luxuria Cosmetics
* Mineral Eye Shadow in Tundra (For Highlighting), Beach, Wilderness and Gold Mine by Luxuria Cosmetics
* Ultimate Volume Mascara in Black by Luxuria Cosmetics

Lipstick colors:
* Classic Red by Luxuria Cosmetics
* Incognito Lip Gloss by Luxuria Cosmetics

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