Handbag Essentials…

Hi beauties!!! Every girl has a handbag. These are our everyday handbag essentials.

Handbag Essentials Feb

Our Rubi Shoes handbag hold:

1. Vogue is always an essential

2. The book we are reading at the moment is The 4-Hour Workweek

3. It’s winter for us, so we have gloves and our beanie ready

4. Our cellphone

5. Our iPod + earphones

6. Our Sunglasses

7. Our Calvin Klein wallet

8. Diva earring studs

9. Compact mirror

10. Our feminine items (for that time of the month)

The cosmetics always in our handbag:

1. Luxuria Cosmetics Creme Lipstick (Red Alert)

2. Luxuria Cosmetics Creme Blush (Feisty)

3. Luxuria Cosmetics Lumishine Lip Gloss (Belladonna & Pinky Swear)

4. Luxuria Cosmetics Ultimate Volume Mascara (Black)

5. Hema Hand- & Nailcreme


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