Romantic makeup Looks for Valentine’s!

There’s a few great ways to look for that special V-day for your loved one. It’s all up to you, sometimes less is more and at other times, the classic old Hollywood look is the right look. Here are some great tips with a few different looks for all of you beauties out there!!

Red Lip

Try a Red Lip for the classic romantic/ old Hollywood look: Try our Creme Lipstick in the Geranium color.

Classic Red Lip


Try a softer bronzed look with beautiful pink lips: Diana Danielle is wearing wilderness, bronzed, gold mine and mineral eye liner on her eyes with some nude pink lips. She gorgeously blended these colors for a very subtle bronzed natural look.

Pretty in Pink

Try a more natural day look, try some blush, bronzer and pink lips: Diana Danielle is wearing Feisty Creme Blush, Terra Glow Bronzer, Mineral loose Foundation Powder in Cool Beige, she is wearing Nude Pink Creme Lipstick.

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