From the Runways


This season’s standout lashes don’t come straight from a tube. Makeup artists used a variety of ingredients and techniques (and sleight of hand) to create the following captivating looks.


For deliberately spidery lashes, makeup artist Francelle Daly didn’t hold back. “I’m not kidding – there are ten coats of mascara,” said Daly, who swept on two coats, curled the lashes, and kept layering for a spiky, clumpy effect.


Makeup artist Pat McGrath describes lush lashes as “glamorous and fun.” She got the party started at Gucci with two stripes of false lashes (like Ardell Double Up lash strips) and multiple coats of volumizing mascara.


Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury created pink mascara by rolling a clean spooley brush over pink cream eyeliner (Process Magenta). She swept it all the way through until the shade appeared prominently.


It took two sets of false lashes to achieve the “’60s meets Lana Del Rey” vibe at Maschino. Makeup artist Tom Pecheux glued spidery strips (M.A.C. 35 Lash) on the upper lash line and wispy ones (M.A.C. 33 Lash) on the lower.


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