Day to Night: Polka Dots

So my shoes here are just sandals because it was just such a beautiful day, so warm. Let’s start with the sandals, they are Giselle Bundchen’s sandals, I have no idea what they are called anyway. Had them from last summer. I totally love them though!

Let’s take it to night:

The night look is a few extras to the dress. So the dress is from JayJays and it was only NZ$30. I absolutely love it and it comes with the super cute belt.  I added tights and these super cute booties from Rubi Shoes. Again I got them last winter so I’m not sure what they cost anymore, but it couldn’t be more than NZ$40.

The cardi is from Supre for like NZ$15 and the bag was such a deal. I absolutely love it and it was on sale for NZ$15 from Rubi Shoes.

Okay lovelies! I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! Sorry its been a while with the Outfit posts.

H xx


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