Fall inspired with Colored Jeans!!

Hey guys!! Today’s post was inspired by fall again, even though it’s spring here in New Zealand. In the last few days its been actually feeling like spring but it was cold the day of this outfit. It took me a while to put these photos on and I apologize for that. I also kept accessories to a minimum. So just my basic gold necklace and bracelet that I wear all the time with some stud earrings.

Jeans: Skinny red jeans from JayJays for $30

White Cardi: Long White Studded Cardi from Glassons for $59.99

Tank: Black plain tank from Supre ($10)

To brighten up this outfit, I decided to pair the long white cardi and black tank with some colored jeans and I chose quite a bold red color too. I absolutely love the color jeans trend!!

This is just a cutesy one of me and my sweetheart Bubu πŸ™‚

Shoes: Rubi Shoes Nude $49.99

It’s a little expensive for a pair of shoes from Rubi but I love love love them. Perfect color, also great for making your legs look longer. Also nude shoes are perfect for matching them with anything, casual or fancy even.

Now for a sneak peek of the makeup look that I wore with this outfit. The tutorial will be up on our channel soon. So be sure to check it. It will also be featured on this blog. Please don’t forget to click the subscribe button too πŸ™‚ It will totally make my day.

This is a totally fall inspired makeup look. Taking up the trend of the dark lips which I’m loving!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!! If this outfit has inspired any of you, please post a photo either on our Instagram at #luxuriacosmetics or on our Facebook page. Excited to feature them!!




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