Fall inspired Outfit- Oversized Sweater Love…


Sweater from Glassons: NZ$59.99

Even though it’s technically spring here in New Zealand. The weather and the wind makes it feel very much like fall. So today’s outfit is very much fall inspired. Big sweaters are all the craze. I don’t usually look good in one but this time, I found one I love. I love it soo much I have barely gone without it when its cold. Goes really well with tights or jeans, colored or otherwise. Its a standard black studded sweater from Glassons.

Boots from Rubi Shoes: around NZ$40

The booties are my favorite, bought them in winter but still getting plenty of use out of them. They are so comfy because of the chunky heel and totally versatile. Chunky heels are also very much in season this fall. So keep a look out on some great ones!

Bag from an online store on Trade me (Running in Heels) for : NZ$39

I just recently purchased this bag because I really wanted something that would go with all my outfits and still fit my laptop in it. It has a strap or you can use it as a shoulder bag. Very cute.

Necklaces: the key shaped one is from Pascoes Jewellers (was a gift from my mom) & the other dainty gold one is from Lovisa for $3

Rings from Lovisa for $5

Sunglasses are from a market somewhere for something like $20.

Jeans are from Glassons: $39.99

Very simple and comfortable outfit.

Makeup was kinda a summery kind but I just love it so much! Will do a tutorial on this tomorrow. Stay posted lovelies!

Makeup tute will be on our Youtube channel. Don’t forget to click the subscribe button so you don’t miss my video on this make up look.




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