Easy & Quick DIY Facials

Hi guys! This is a simple video to save you some money and get your skin feeling fresh at the same time!! YAY.

So here’s what you need:

Sugar Exfoliant Mask:
2 Tsp raw sugar
3 Tsp warm water
Removes dead skin cells
Tip: Add it to your cleanser and you have a facial scrub without having to buy a facial scrub ☺

Egg Mask:
1 egg
Lemon juice (Fresh preferably)
Fore rejuvenation, moisturizing &Great for tightening pores
Dry skin use egg yolk only
Oily skin use egg white only

Baking soda Mask:
Warning: If you have really sensitive skin, skip this facial.
Small amounts of baking soda, about 1-2 teaspoons
Enough water for it to mix..
Add baking soda if you have too much water.
Rinse with tap water & moisturize after this mask as it dries out your skin.
Great for acne!!


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